Tópark irodák

55,000 square metres of office floor


2,000-square-metre integral office levels


Eco-conscious and innovative architectural solutions


Unique green environment with a lakeside walkway


Close to Budapest and other cities of Europe 


Tópark. A city of difference.

Leed Gold

Offices to Let

Tópark Be My City. It is time to move out to the city

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. Because it is good to live in a city. Everything seems to be close and apparently, you can reach any location quickly. However, nowadays an average Budapest inhabitant spends 31.5 minutes just to get to their workplace day by day – and the same time on the way back. And that does not include shopping, picking up the children from school, having a coffee with friends or any other evening programmes.

The above example demonstrates it well enough that traditional city structures meet the requirements that originally made them people’s first choice less and less. Let us admit, it is impossible to like a faceless crowd, the constant clutter or accept the fact that we will be late from time to time, despite always being in a rush. One can merely get used to it. And we have not yet mentioned the importance of a healthy, green environment, which is in shorter and shorter supply in the capital.

Tópark Be My City is a special opportunity for us to demonstrate: what would it be like to live in the city of the future, where there is no need to renounce any advantages but the disadvantages of Budapest: new buildings with premium-quality apartments, offices and service units, eco-conscious architectural solutions, liberal spaces in a neighbourhood where one does not have to wait for the weekend to relax. Learn more about the city of the future – and the workplace of the future.

Tópark irodák
Tópark irodák

Building details

Ground floor 1056 sqm  2007 sqm  2007 sqm
1st floor 1297 sqm  2272 sqm  2869 sqm
2nd floor 1296 sqm  2264 sqm  2560 sqm
3rd floor 1332 sqm  2340 sqm  1672 sqm
4th floor 1332 sqm  2249 sqm  3581 sqm
Aggregated office area: 5257 sqm 9125 sqm 10682 sqm
Aggregated shop area: 1056 sqm 2007 sqm 2007 sqm​​​​​​​
Total area 17415 sqm Free area 17415 sqm
“B-G” building   Minimum rental area 167 sqm
Green qualification LEED GOLD CAMPUS Year of renovation Ø
Year of completion 2018 Free shop area 14636,33 sqm
Free storage area   Operation fee 990 HUF/sqm/month
Common area ratio 8,24%    
Bicycle storage 45 spaces    

Tópark ‘BE MY CITY’ is a small town just a few minutes away from Budapest, where 350 top-quality apartments, 2,500 carports and 900 aboveground parking spaces, approximately 55,000 square metres of A+ category offices and 15,000 square metres of retail shop area will be available in the coming two years. During the first phase of the construction, 14,382 square metres of office area and 3,036 square metres of shop area will be created.

The objective of the real estate developer is to build an actual neighbourhood, so they design functions that entirely serve the daily claims of the inhabitants and the employees yet at this phase. To meet these requirements, there need to be a supermarket, a drug store, a bank, restaurants and cafés, and even 16 pieces of electric vehicle charging stations. At the beginning of 2018, there will be a nursery school available, and Tópark Express bus line will start with its first 9-10-minute route between the project and metro line 4.

Tópark ‘BE MY CITY’ has a LEED Gold Campus certificate and all its segments are designed to use green energy and environment-friendly solutions – and thanks to that, the operation fees are low.

Min. lease time 3-5 years

Deposit 3-6 month

Common area ratio 8,24%

Operation fee HUF 990 /sqm / month

Rental fee EUR 10.9-13.5 / sqm / month

Underground garage fee EUR 65 / pcs / month

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Tópark is reachable trough a direct connection to Liszt Ferenc International Airport on beltway M0, to Budapest and Győr on motorway M1, and to Kecskemét and Szeged on highway M5. Thanks to its excellent location, other European cities like Vienna and Bratislava can be reached by a two-hour car ride.
Tópark will be connected to the transportation system of Budapest by a direct bus line: the terminal of Budapest’s metro line 4 will be within the reach of a 10-minute journey time.

Tópark irodák

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Tópark irodák


Tópark irodák