Tópark offers bombastic prices


The whole world has been suffering from the effects of the global economic crisis that had started in 2007/2008 – and the real estate market hasn’t been an exception. A whole decade has had to pass for it to recover: the prices has just reached their before-crash level in 2016-2017.

Certainly, this is all bad news for those who would like to buy a new home today, however, Tópark ’BE MY CITY’ project has a solution for that situation as well. Yes, you are reading it right: the new neighbourhood that is being built just a short bus-ride away from the capital, between Törökbálint and Biatorbágy, offers apartments at a mere HUF 430,000 / square metres price in the first phase of the newly started real estate development. The offer is bombastic because similar projects calculated with much higher prices and typically sell new homes above the HUF 600,000 / square metres limit. Tópark’s residential properties does not only provide a great opportunity for the wallets but also for those seeking for a special lifestyle: it offers green environment, city-life atmosphere and high-quality conditions for their new residents.

As Balázs Csendes, business development director of Tópark ’BE MY CITY’ replies to Lokál’s questions: real estates created by them provide ideal possibilities for those who has not found affordable prices in the Buda and Újbuda parts of the capital. ’We are building houses on a site only 50-metres away from the Törökbálint lake, offering a direct view to the water from most of the apartments of the Tópark project. Moreover, the lake provides excellent opportunities for sporting activities for the springtime that has just arrived’, he adds. Regarding the pricing of the premises, he remarked that Tópark’s developers are aware of the recent leap of real estate prices – although they have just reached the level before the 2007/2008 crisis – and that it seriously challenges home seeking. ’That is exactly why we set a price that is attractive for those planning to buy a newly-built home’, he points out.

To provide a great picture about Tópark project, we summarize the main characteristics of the investment. The project’s site is a 20-acre area where 350 apartments – size between 30 and 150 square metres and of high-quality – were created to serve as a home for approximately 1,000 people. Most of the apartments have a terrace and according to plans, they are ready to move into as from the coming autumn.

Loká (in Hungarian), 10-05-2017