The Tópark development kicks into full gear


The investor of the Tópark development in Biatorbágy has kicked into full gear and in this case, it is more than just a nice phrase: 300+ people are working on the site every day so that the first apartments can be handed over as soon as possible, soon followed by the offices, and later by the hotel with the conference centre.

What we saw when we were there was something there was no hope for on this site, the disgrace of the Hungarian property market, for many years: construction workers busy as a bee, now working in the apartments, and the office and hotel areas are slowly coming to life as well. But let’s start from the beginning.

We must recall that in the so-called golden triangle, the area bordered by highways M0, M1 and M7, the unsightly central block stood for many years as an abandoned concrete dinosaur after the original investor threw in the towel. The new developer, the Lavinamix Group and its main owner saw potential in the area, though, (and could purchase the project for a low price - editor’s note) and with a new concept, the giant was brought back to life without a loan, and now - as we could see - they are now striving to complete it in high quality and from quality materials, and bring it to the market.

The target group of the apartments of the Tópark projects is again the upper middle class, but here they are not building 6-8 storey apartment buildings like in the so-called residential communities, there are 4-storey buildings (with lifts) and the distance between the buildings is larger than usual. During our visit (the 3rd week of September) we saw several families exploring the area, and some of them enquired about specific apartments. According to the sales team, several purchases have been made since sales started a few weeks ago. 

350 apartments are to be completed by the end of 2019, and there are different price categories, but during our short stroll through the buildings, it was clear that quality materials were used everywhere. Prices here are 25-40% lower than in the popular districts in Buda, while the quality of the buildings, the large green spaces and the large lake nearby create a really unique environment for those who are willing to live in the anteroom of the city, more freely than in the crowded inner districts.  

A total of 3,000+ parking spaces, 81 lifts and approximately 25 ha of net green area are to be created in the immediate environment of the development. Once completed, this will be the largest building in Hungary, with a gross area of 198,000 sq m, surpassing the current record holder, Arena Plaza.

Walking in the local “shopping street”, the passage in the central block with offices, stores and restaurants, you can clearly see that the buildings here will not be uniform, these properties have the elements of different styles. You can see the architectural styles of Vienna, Paris, London and Berlin, and the Secession of the early 20th century Budapest and Art Deco are also evoked.

The developer is planning to create a grand environment, an inner-city like atmosphere outside the city. But it is not only the buildings that will make you feel that you are in the city centre, all typical functions of the city will be available here: public transport, outdoor and indoor parking, cultural and sports opportunities, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, a conference centre and even kindergartens, a private one and one run by the local government.

It’s a well-known fact that accessibility is a crucial issue with developments outside the city: there have been significant developments to solve this. Several highway exits have been built by the developer to provide access to the area. Naturally, a considerable inner road network has also been constructed in the area, with urban-style bus stops, taxi stands, bike roads, a subway, a running track and even a playground - just like in any city.

The new owners can move into the 210 apartments that will be completed in the first stage in a mere six months, in next spring. Some of the apartments look out on the lake directly, but the rest of the apartments have a green view, too, as there are huge green areas everywhere among the buildings.

Top quality architectural solutions are used in the office spaces as well. On the ground floor of the buildings, there will be retail units on a total area of approximately 15,000 sq m. Negotiations about thousands of square metres of offices and retail space are in an advanced stage.

Ingatlanhí – 27 September 2017